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About Making Chemo Bearable

What does Making Chemo Bearable do?

Make Chemo Bearable (MCB) exists to provide awareness, education, support and hope to individuals during their cancer journey, specifically targeting those from under resourced, underrepresented and underserved communities. In addition, the organization serves as advocates for legislation supporting this important mission, including H.R. 549, the Metastatic Breast Cancer access to Care Act. We serve cancer patients and their caregivers specifically with information, useful support tools and compassionate understanding during treatment, specifically with the side effects of chemo.

What is our Mission?

This mission of MCB is very personal to Ragina Ireland. As a 13-year breast cancer survivor, who survived a major health challenge ten years prior, her breast cancer journey was the toughest challenge of her life. Little did she know she was in for multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, hair loss and the fight of her life. Out of this pain and suffering was born a deep, compassion to serve others on this journey. She is excited at the opportunity to be a part of the Goldman Sachs community to increase my business acumen, network with business leaders and develop ways to enhance my abilities as a servant leader.

MCB believes a knowledgeable, supportive, and caring environment provides HOPE to individuals on the cancer journey. We help survivors "Find Joy in the Journey". While there are many great organizations focused on finding a cure for cancer, there are few with the focus of MCB.


Conduct educational seminars, "Fireside Chats", and other gatherings to increase awareness about early detection in an effort to decrease the breast cancer mortality rate in the Black community where it is 42% higher than other population segments.


Support legislation focused on this important mission, including H.R. 549, the Metastatic Breast Cancer access to Care Act.

Individual Impact

"Stand and in the gap" for individuals in the cancer battle in a very personal way, by supporting them and their caregivers with managing the challenges of everyday life while on the chemo journey.

To support the mission and growth of the organization, we plan to:

  • Increase revenue by 10% annually through grants and fundraising.
  • Hire one employee in Year 2 and one in Year 3
  • Obtain temporary contractors to support the organization's other staffing needs.
  • Enhance the infrastructure of the organization and solidify the processes and technology.
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Ragina Ireland "My Story"

Ragina Ireland - Making Chemo Bearable

"How did this happen?  There is no cancer in my family. " That was my thought on December 11, 2009 when I received the call to say I had breast cancer. I noticed a lump in my breast in October during a self-exam, and I thought it was interesting. It never occurred to me that the lump would take me on a journey that would change my life.

On January 14, 2010, I had a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. Shortly after surgery, I started chemotherapy treatments and continued the breast reconstruction process. It was a year of treatments and surgeries to ensure that I was back on the road to a full recovery. Today, and I am cancer free and in high spirits!

We believe a knowledgeable, supportive and caring environment provides HOPE to individuals on the cancer journey.

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MCB exists to provide HOPE.

MCB provides invaluable insight meaningful information, useful support tools and sentimental care to cancer patients and those who love them.

MCB educates, supports, encourages and empowers individuals as part of the cancer journey.

The Plush Times - Making Chemo Bearable

Dallas, Texas

Our fun and colorful Colorama Bears were pleased to know they were on TV the other day, sitting pretty in a segment featuring the wonderful non-profit organization, Making Chemo Bearable. Ragina Ireland is a cancer survior who decided to expend every effort to provide comfort to patients whoare undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

A local NBC News affilate interviewed Ms. Ireland to find out how she specifically aids and comforts the sick. One of her mainstays is giving away an adorable package consisting of a teddy bear and a booklet on how to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. Ms. Ireland also hosts luncheons, line dances, bear hug days, and a number of other creative functions that lifts up the spirits of those who need it the most. To find out more about this growing non profit, visit

Making Chemo Bearable