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Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces Donation Program

You can choose to direct your donation to the Healing Spaces Program.  This program assists a survivor in treatment to redecorate her space to provide Joy in the Journey

The Healing Spaces program was born out of a desire to provide continued care and joy in the journey of our Survivors. The spaces where we spend our time can be not only comforting but peaceful and beautiful at the same time. Our team of volunteers, with the support of our Sponsors, decorate the Survivor’s space to bring that sense of love, encouragement and support to their journey in their most intimate space. Beautiful spaces MAKE CHEMO BEARABLE too!  Donate today and become a part of someone’s journey to healing.

Please support Making Chemo Better (MCB) by donating to our organization. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations made to MCB are tax-deductible to the contributor.

Healing Spaces Donation

Healing Spaces - MCB Program
Healing Spaces - MCB Program