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Survivor Spotlight: Catherine Smith

MCB: What was your journey like emotionally?
Catherine:  First of all, I was not afraid. I just knew the most important thing was (to get it resolved medically), get it out.

MCB:  Where did you draw your strength for each “next” step?
Catherine:  My strength comes from the Lord. My grandmother was a survivor/warrior, and I drew strength from her.

MCB:  What made you smile in the midst of it all?
Catherine:  I told myself that I was Beautiful regardless of the physical things that I was going through. Beauty is defined by your attitude, I got this!

MCB:  Were you able to celebrate the small victories?
Catherine:  For me joy comes from no more treatment.  Victory came from the little things. Wearing shoes... putting on eyelashes.  No parade necessary.

MCB: What are who surprised you the most?
Catherine:  My family was a very strong support system; they were always there for me. My Mother is a Nurse and helped me tremendously. She also explained things medically. The surprise for me was the OCBF Support Group. They understand what you are going through, and you are free to share which creates a unique bond.

Catherine is cancer free!  She displays an extraordinarily positive attitude which is felt in the community by supporting multiple organizations including Making Chemo Bearable. She and her Mother are always the life of our events, spreading joy to so many that need it.


Survivor Spotlight - Catherine Smith