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Suvivor Spotlight: Laverne Macon

Laverne Macon is Cancer Free for 5 years

MCB: What was your journey like emotionally?
LaVerne:  I am going to make this journey a testimony for someone else. I am not going to feel sorry for myself.

MCB:  Where did you draw your strength for each “next” step?
LaVerne:  God… faith… my village - Husband, Mom, children, friends.

MCB:  What made you smile in the midst of it all?
LaVerne:  I could put on wigs and still be cute for my husband. I did not look like I had cancer.

MCB:  Were you able to celebrate the small victories?
LaVerne:  Yes, with Pink Parties, theme T-shirts created and worn by my Village.

MCB: What are who surprised you the most?
LaVerne:  The positive reaction, love and help from my grandkids.

LaVerne is thriving.  She is cancer free and a huge community advocate which is always on display from assisting someone going to college, cancer survivors and a huge supporter of all that Making Chemo Bearable does.

Survivor Spotlight - Laverne Macon